A fully staged Handel opera in a 50-seat theater. March 15, 2014, 7:30pm

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We’ve joined our talents to present our first show: Handel’s epic 1732 magic opera, Orlando, in a fully-staged show on March 15, 2014 at the 50-seat Boxcar Theatre in San Francisco.

Handel’s operas are often presented in concert version and rarely staged. We’re ready to bring you this special experience in a friendly and intimate 50-seat environment.

About Orlando

Orlando loves Angelica, but he’s a soldier torn between love and duty. Angelica loves Medoro, Dorinda is obsessed with Medoro, but Medoro only returns one of these ladies’ affections. Zoroastro is the powerful magician running the show. And somehow these conflicts are all resolved through gorgeous music that only Handel could have written.

Who We Are

We’ve performed with groups such as MUSA, Clerestory, SFCM Baroque, SacroProfano, Vinaccesi, the Handel Opera Project, American Bach Soloists and at the Amherst Early Music Festival.

  • Orlando: Michael Mohammed

  • Angelica: Kelly Rubinsohn

  • Dorinda: Sara Hagenbuch

  • Medoro: Kindra Scharich
  • Zoroastro: Ben Kazez

  • Stage Director: Kenneth Keel
  • Conductor: Derek Tam

Thank You to Our Donors!

Special thanks to our donors, who made this production possible!

  • Sonia Alam
  • Tyler Altrup
  • Ann Brady
  • Julian Branciforte
  • Niya Christine
  • Wilbur D. Clownfish
  • Linda Cohen
  • Catherine Cook
  • Gabriela Crane
  • David Crow
  • Ed Cunningham
  • Lynn Dalsing
  • Tom Dinardo
  • Sara Duchovnay
  • Margaret T Eighan
  • Roger Fisher
  • Jan Fisher
  • Shellie Gofberg
  • Mark O. and Linda Faye Hagenbuch
  • Emily Hilligoss
  • Timothy Johnson
  • Dominick Jones
  • Anna Lazar-Johnson
  • Marilyn Leavitt
  • Rodney Linebarger
  • Nanci McGregor
  • Kevin McLaughlin
  • Ben Malkevitch
  • Reed Martin
  • Anne Mester
  • Joyce Moody
  • LaVerle Moody
  • Joyce M. Mowery
  • Margaret and Keith Mowery
  • William G. Mowery
  • Elizabeth Ann O'Neal
  • Rebecca Osborn Coolidge
  • Gary Osteraas
  • David Othmer
  • Marjorie Poore
  • Jane Randolph
  • Rebecca Rice
  • Jan M. Ripka
  • Darren Robinson
  • Gillian Rose
  • Frances Rubinsohn
  • Andrew Schenck
  • Ellen Y. Siegelman
  • William Sinn
  • Anne Standish
  • Barbara Szudy
  • Tessa Updike
  • Li-hsia Wang
  • Neo Wang
  • Richard Watterson
  • Mary Wildavsky
  • Kevin Winter
  • Michael Wood
  • Sarah Young
  • Dolphis
  • Kindra and Farzad
  • Paul
  • Raeeka